Tuesday, October 9, 2007

back to school!

El Lunes, 8 de Octubre

(make sure you read lauren's update from yesterday, we just posted both of them)

After a relaxing weekend Lauren and I took a taxi to school this morning ready to take on our four hours of classes. Classes were hard today but Lauren, perhaps trying to replicate Michael Jordan’s famous flu game, fought through illness and a ridiculous amount of work to complete Level 1! This was a huge accomplishment, as the director of the school told us it would take about 2 weeks to do so.

After class we went to the Nicaraguan equivalent of the DMV and picked up the results of our blood test (aka drugging?). Now we just have to learn how to drive a moped, pass a written test in Spanish, and complete a driving test with a Nicaraguan police officer sitting on the bike with us. I think we’ll be sticking to walking and taking taxis for awhile…

One interesting note – We’ve seen some ridiculous items being sold in the street by people walking between cars stopped at lights. I thought that the night-vision binoculars we saw last week would be the hands-down winner for strangest item until we saw caged birds and baby turtles in plastic bags being offered today. Every day something occurs here which makes us just shake our heads in disbelief!

Today’s adventure involved me calling many companies trying to get a 100lb propane tank delivered so we can use our stove/oven. I think I frustrated everyone I talked to, as I required them to speak extremely slowly and with basic words. Eventually I was able to order a tank and give the lady our address. Shockingly, the delivery driver got lost, and I found myself trying to give directions to the lady in the office, who was then relaying them to the driver (through a phone? Radio? Smoke signals? I don’t know). Eventually I saw the truck driving down the street and flagged him down.

In what can only be described as a small miracle we now have gas, and therefore, are able to cook! Last night I “cooked dinner,” which meant I made some rice in the rice cooker, chopped up some vegetables, cooked some chicken patties in the microwave and threw all of it together with some sauce generically named “Salsa.” Although Lauren was very gracious in complimenting the dish I can say that it only topped the cheese and brain soup by a narrow margin.

The internet people were supposed to come at 2pm today but never showed up. I will attempt to call them tomorrow, but until then we are still without internet at the apt.

As I am writing this Lauren is making omelets. I am so excited to eat a delicious high-protein meal, particularly since the blackout went into effect today as my frozen chicken patty was defrosting in the microwave.

I have to give mention to the AMAZING support I received this weekend from all of you. By the end of last week I was dragging a bit – worn down from a variety of issues – but the incredibly encouraging emails I received from many of you really lifted my spirits. I am so blessed by all of your thoughts, prayers, emails, and by the simple fact that you are interested enough to read this!

Tomorrow is Lauren’s birthday. We are kicking around ideas for a celebration (Part I, with Part II coming on Saturday) but have yet to come up with a firm plan. Whatever we do, it will be tight.

A ridiculous amount of love,


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