Friday, October 5, 2007

Dw’s blog – Jueves, 4 de Octubre

Today started out with a welcome surprise in the form of scrambled eggs for breakfast. Lauren and I have started playing a game in which we predict the components of the next meal. It’s not too hard as the list of potential foods is probably about 10 items long, with about half of them including rice and/or beans. Lauren, wishfully, guessed eggs last night and we were overjoyed when we found out she was correct.

Classes were good today. It is becoming easier by the day to converse only in Spanish for four hours each morning. Jose decided to limit his interrogations today, making my experience in grammar class much more pleasant. With Gema I practiced using a long list of verbs in the preterit before talking about our families for about 30 minutes. I ended up pulling out my computer to show her pictures of my girlfriend, Emily, which I think Gema enjoyed. Lauren received a well-deserved break from the endless lists of new vocabulary today. I made my stack of flashcards last night and commenced complaining about how many words I had to memorize, only to look over and see Lauren’s pile was literally four times as large. I stopped complaining.

After class we had lunch, a delicious plate of pork and rice, before meeting our friend Brad to take a taxi to the Nicaraguan version of the DMV. Brad, Lauren, and I are attempting to get licenses to drive mopeds, as they seem to be an efficient way to get around the city. In order to receive such a license one must first fill out confusing paperwork (Lauren and I filled out 3 copies each before doing so correctly), pass a vision test, and give a blood sample. The paperwork and vision test we understood but the blood test seemed a bit unusual. We finished with everything and took a taxi back to Metrocentro before deciding to walk to the grocery store to purchase items in preparation for our big move on Saturday.

Both Lauren and I have given blood on numerous occasions, and were expecting the lightheadness that always follows such a procedure. The drugged feeling that we experienced about the time we got to supermercado La Union was a new sensation, however. Our nice shopping outing was curtailed after we found a few items, and we purchased a few cans of juice and a candy bar in an effort to combat the underwater feelings we were experiencing. We felt like perhaps we had spent the afternoon at the local bar instead of at the DMV. Quite strange. Sitting on the curb, we quickly raised our blood sugar levels with the juice and candy bar and decided to take a taxi home instead of walking the half mile.

We spent a little bit of time recovering once we returned home before I ran around the neighborhood a bit in an attempt to get my blood flow back to normal. We then studied here, using our rechargeable light, and had a nice dinner of pasta and gallo pinto. I think Doña Mara is trying to send us off on a good note as all three dishes were excellent today. Now we’re feeling all better, although I just attempted to shower and was saddened when I was forced to put my sweaty clothes back on after finding out “no hay agua” the hard way.

It seems like every day God finds multiple ways to humble us here in Nicaragua. The difficulty of seemingly simple tasks, for example of conversing with Doña Mara about our new apartment, obtaining internet service, or even trying not to get lost around the neighborhood is certainly one way we are humbled. Like Lauren said so beautifully yesterday, the kindness and willingness to help of the Nicaraguan people humbles us daily. We are so blessed to know some true servants who have assisted us far beyond anything we could have expected. Not knowing what kind of volunteer work I’ll be doing is yet another way I am being humbled.

We came down here with intentions of serving those who are in need and, Lord willing, we will hopefully be successful. We’re finding out, however, that God has much more in store for us. We’re learning more about Him, service, humility, perseverance, and ourselves every day. This has certainly been, and will continue to be, a wonderful growing experience.

So much thanks to you for reading our blog. We truly appreciate all of the encouragement we’ve received. You, simply by reading this, give us strength by showing your interest and support.

Much love,


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